Saturday, November 12, 2011

saturday night

The plan for tonight is....UFC NIGHT! We have pizza ,wings,pop,and cheese bread on the way.I love ufc and I am very excited about the main fight tonight.I have liked ufc for a long time even before it went main stream.I have always been a tomboy you could say.I love it! I am married to a fighter as well he has a 3rd degree black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu.The being married to a fighter thing gets me in trouble sometimes when I forget and jump on his back being silly then Amy can fly lol.He never hurts me but does remind me what I am messing with lol.I plan on trying to finish another book tonight.I have been getting a little backed up and falling behind.I have about twenty to review acck what have I got myself into lol.Nah really it will be fine I read really fast so no worries.I am just having a hard time deciding what to read first so I keep jumping back and forth.I sometimes read 5 books at a time so not much different there with me.I like to read my history books and some of my easier fiction novels to lighten the mood a little.I end up with about 5 at a time that way.I am reading most of my books on my computer right now because of all my books that are kindle or epub format.I kind of like reading them that way but I prefer holding the books and being abe to smell them lol. Well ufc has started and it should be good.

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