Saturday, November 12, 2011

Warleader - A Blood and Tears Short Story by Joshua P. Simon review

I just finished reading this short story by Joshua P. Simon.He is a writer I found on librarything that was kind enough to gift me a free copy of this book. That being said ..I enjoyed the story alot.This Book is what it says a short story.I hate spoilers so I am trying really hard not to give any in my review.I liked the main character after the first few pages and really felt for Tobin and his struggles.The book has Tobin torn with many feelings about his family and doing his best so he will be the warleader.If Tobin wins in his quest it will be better for his people and others thats for sure.But my fellow readers I am not going to tell you if he does you need to read it for yourself and I would suggest that you do.One more note I would like to make dont worry about it being a short story this is part of a series so be ready to want more.I would read the rest in this series.

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