Saturday, January 21, 2012

The seventeenth pocket

The Seventeenth Pocket (Volume 1)The Seventeenth Pocket by Hargus Montgomery

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The Seventeenth Pocket by Hargus Montgomery

This book is hard to describe where do I start...when you die is there more out there or are you just gone?What if you could still talk to the love ones you lost?What if the parts of your brain you don’t use are the key to doing that?What if all the doctors and powerful people in the world were trying to break that code first for the power and money that would come with that knowledge?What happens if the code is broken? Now that being said the book isn’t written in a dark way its more sci-fi young adult fiction if I had to try and class it.I think this book it great for lots of age groups. Some how this writer doesn’t make you feel like the story is over when someone passes its only the begining.There is so much to this story traveling to other worlds,good vs evil,so many things I don’t want to spoil it for you so I will leave it at that.If you would like to try a book thats a bit different and you dont know where you will end up next in a good way I say give this book a shot for sure.I loved this book and I look forward to what this writer has to offer next.

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