Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elizabeth the queen The life of a modern monarch

Elizabeth The Queen: The Life Of A Modern MonarchElizabeth The Queen: The Life Of A Modern Monarch by Sally Bedell Smith

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I loved this book and I am a bit heartbroken that it is over.The author wrote about the Queen's everyday life in a way that I felt I was part of it all.The book is written in favor of the Queen and with respect for all that she has done in her duty as the Queen in all her many years on the throne.It truly is amazing all the years she has been in power and all the many things she has had to face.I found the book full of information on all the daily tasks the Queen undertakes yet still it was never boring for me.The author filled the book with many wonderful little stories and quotes from the Queen and the people that surround her that it helped keep the book from becoming a stuffy read.I am truly in awe of everything the Queen does at her age.I loved how the author made the Queen more human for me by letting you know how people's attitudes and ideas of the Queen changed after meeting her such as each prime minister.I loved how she would put people at ease in different ways many times with humor.I was surprised a bit by the way the author wrote about Dianna just because you never really hear unflattering things said about her.The things said were not harsh in any means just unusual for me because in a way Dianna has become untouchable since her death.I respect the Queen and Dianna both for many of the same things.Both women are remarkable women of their time that can never be replaced.I have a much deeper respect for the Queen after reading this book and wish the Queen many more years on the throne.

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