Saturday, January 21, 2012

the cutting edge

The Cutting EdgeThe Cutting Edge by Darcia Helle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall I liked this book.It will keep you guessing as to who the serial killer is the writer would hint but never let you in on who it was till the end as it should be in a good murder mystery book. The hairdresser that the killer becomes facinated by was quite a scarcastic woman she has alot of spunk and I liked her alot.The writer let you hear all the evil things she wanted to do to her customers that were a pain.Some of my favorite parts of the book made me laugh by the thoughts she was having.Who hasnt had a bad day at work and wanted to kill a customer or two yet you were stuck with your customer friendly smile plastered on your face.The serial killer parts were not too in depth or graphic yet you still get the idea of the evil thats going on.The ending I might have changed a bit I think I wanted to know a bit more about what happened after or maybe thats just me wanting the book not to be over yet.In all I enjoyed the book and was glad I read it.

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